6 Factors That Influence a Real Estate Investment Market

December 28, 2020 – Multifamily

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Location is king in real estate, but the market is queen when one desires a great real estate investment. Finding a strong market reaps benefits beyond what a good location can offer. A perfect spot is not always a guarantee of a successful market. Ignoring that fact can hurt your business plans.

However, if you got yourself a great location with a robust market, you are on your way to achieving a great return for your real estate investments. The intensity of a powerful market is a big portion of your business plan that you must consider. Some investors recognize its significance when it is too late, and all that is left is regret.

The real estate failure rate is high. Investors suffer from a 95% chance of unprofitability as a result of factors they ignored before they began investing in property. Investing capital, an experienced mentor, an advertising budget, and knowing the current market are among the neglected items. Passive investors must examine which markets are strong enough, as well as which ones need to be avoided.

Though it is never easy to identify red flags beforehand, being aware of possible issues that you may encounter while venturing into real estate investments is essential to prepare your action plan. Read on and spot these specific warning signs to dodge unwanted investment mishaps! Hiring a real estate asset management company will allow you to avoid these investment mishaps altogether.

1.   Rent to Income Ratio

As residents only have so much to pay for rent, a higher cost for rentals might not be the wisest thing to do. The rental fee should be proportional to the standard income ratio to entice people to acquire units. If you stretch the value by 40% more than a rental would typically cost, expect a decline of demands.

Residents also anticipate every penny they spend on their basic needs. Apart from finding a place to call home, they have other things to consider, such as food, electricity and water bills, clothes, and other household essentials. By putting your feet in your clients’ shoes, you will have a better view of what factors are preventing them from renting your property.

2.   Population Growth

Since the real estate business is mainly for families looking for household dwellings or employers planning to erect buildings, low population growth will impact your target market big time. The domino effect will then start from the declining market to the overall real estate economy.

A few factors behind the decline of the population growth in an area include net migration, the number of households, and overall population trends. Any place is a candidate for low population growth instances, so choose an area that will likely surpass such hurdles.

3.   Regulations

Every area or region has local government regulations to maintain an organized community. Suppose you are planning to extend your real estate investment market in a specific place. In that case, you must be fully aware of its protocols and follow the mandatory ordinances that the local authority has instilled.

Regardless of what type of real estate investment, being observant and keen on the structure, policy, and systems of the place will help your future proposal attempts become more successful.

4.   No Job Diversity

You should not invest in areas where a single industry employs more than the marginal bar of 20 to 25% of the area’s total population. If a single industry employs too much of the community, your exposure to that industry’s boom and bust cycle is far too high, and a simple downturn can lead to your bankruptcy.

That small downturn will have a huge effect on the real estate investment market since the residences living in the place are the frontlines that will be affected by the company’s fallback. It would be hard for them to pay for rent and the valuation of the property. Not to mention that the Net Operating Income or NOI will hit rock bottom.

5.   High Inventory

The two key metrics in business are supply and demand. Real estate investors, such as those in multifamily sectors, must be aware of the market’s current absorption rate. Let’s say you find a community you want to invest in, first you’ll have to look up how many new residences were built in the last year. Next, you want to find out how many of those are occupied; if a significant amount of them are empty, then the data clearly shows that there was an oversupply in the market. Its excess allocation is a solid reason for a market to be ineligible as an investment location.

6.   No Job Growth

One basic factor why most real estate investment markets are likely impossible to prosper is because there is no job growth in the chosen area. If there are no posts available for the residents to generate income, a lack of population growth and low demand for real estate will follow. Investors may check out employment data and yearly jobs on some accessible sites.

Make an Informed Decision

Real estate investors may encounter critical points, but that is where adept examination and thorough survey come in. If these factors are considered, investors will have a higher chance of running the real estate investment market smoothly.


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