How to Become a Successful Passive Multifamily Home Investor

August 13, 2020 – Multifamily

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Buying a multifamily home is an excellent investment, but you need to put in the work. You can get a high return on your investment if you follow a few simple rules. Your result will be a passive form of income that will grow as you add more properties to your real estate portfolio. We will share the main areas to focus on when creating a successful multifamily home rental operation.

Figure Out the Market

It is essential to choose the right market to buy your multifamily home. Some markets perform better than others, so why not tilt the odds of success in your favor? You’ll need to look for data sources that can tell you about the state of a market. Ideally, you will use more than one data source to verify a market.

The key indicators of a market are job opportunities, living costs, population growth, and the median household income. A financially healthy area with many job opportunities makes for the best market. The state of a market may not guarantee significant demand for your property, but it’s a reliable indicator.

Select the Right Asset Class

Multifamily homes fall into asset classes, which are A, B, C, and D. They can all result in profitable investments, but you need to take the right approach. Here is a description of each asset class:

  • Class A: this property type is usually less than ten years old and bought for its appreciation value. There could be a vacancy spike in class A homes during a recession period in white-collar neighborhoods.
  • Class B: these homes are about 10-25 years of age and purchased for their appreciation value. However, you can’t expect the same kind of appreciation as class A homes. The residents are usually a combination of white- and blue-collar.
  • Class C: 30 to 40 years is the average age of these homes. Blue-collar workers live here, so expect rents to be below the market average. There is a limited amount of appreciation value here, and cash flow is typically good due to high demand.
  • Class D: over 40 years is the average age of these homes, and they are usually government subsidized. The debt problems of the average resident in this home type means the house can be more difficult to manage.

Know the Fees

Find out what fees you have to pay for the service of looking after your investment. There can be various fees, but they are a cost that’s worth paying. This way, services are more likely to spend time keeping an eye on the real estate and sorting out maintenance jobs properly.

However, you can’t get taken advantage of either. Find out what you get for paying the fees and if it’s worth it. Costs can be in the range of 1-5%, so take a look at the amount of profit you’re willing to give up.

Familiarize Yourself With the Team

Who are the people behind the management company? It’s worth meeting them at their offices to get a feel for the place. Do background research on the company to see what experiences other property investors have had. Nowadays, it’s not hard to find online reviews about a company if you take the time to search.

Also, check any facts they give you to see if their story holds. It’s better to spot flaws in a team before striking a deal.

Understand Underwriting

Inexperienced investors generally have trouble understanding how to underwrite a deal properly. You need to pay attention to the small details to arrive at an acceptable level of risk. For instance, if the growth rate is short-term based, then it may not correctly portray the situation. You may need the help of a professional to make sure the underwriting is correct.


Becoming a successful multifamily investor can lead to passive income, but some work is required to get the ball rolling. You need to choose the right type of home in a market that has a healthy demand. It would help if you also chose the right management team and set up a profitable deal.

In the long run, you will learn how to create a multifamily home investment portfolio that leads to long-term income. It’s a matter of practice and learning through experience. Contact Yankee Capital today to help you focus your attention on the things that matter most.

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