Invest into multifamily real estate property, and receive passive income while we enhance and maximize value at sale or refinance. Asset is sourced in attractive markets with operational challenges, capital needs, and value add potential. The manager will contribute up to 10% of total capital commitments.

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Target Property: Class B Multifamily Asset
Target Locations: TX, GA, and NC
Anticipated Life of Fund: 4-5 years
Offering Size: $5MM plus
Minimum Investment: $75k
Preferred Returns*: 7% plus strong equity gains
Levered IRR (Net)**: 13% to 18%
Equity Multiple (Net)**: 1.7x to 2.0x


How to invest

For Accredited Investors Only

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* LP investors earn a coupon of 7% per annum. Distributions of cash flow will not be guaranteed, subject to available cash, and will be lower in the early stages of the fund. Any accrued unpaid coupon return will be paid prior to the return of capital and any promote to the GP. See PPM for more information.

**Based on a 5 year hold. Target returns take into account downside, base case, and upside scenarios


Yankee Capital Partners sets itself apart by utilizing our extensive local knowledge and firm grasp of market trends. We acquire underperforming multifamily assets in A and B locations with our unique real estate investment process. Our in house construction management expertise allows us to drive costs down while delivering strong returns. We employ multiple value-add initiatives with the objective of creating an exceptional finished product of a cash flowing multifamily investment property. Our disciplined approach paired with our expertise in asset management, construction management and operational efficiencies mitigates risk and promotes superior end returns for our investors.

What is YCP’s fund structure?

Our fund is setup to raise money in advance of finding an asset for investment. The fund has strict guidelines for the type of asset and return metrics. Our fund requires a 10% commitment upfront with a 90% balance due once an asset is under contract. You will also receive 3% annualized return on your initial 10% commitment. Details can be found in our fund video presentation and fund investor deck.

Fund Advantages

Yankee Capital Partners constantly receives pocket and off market listings from its network of brokers and owners. Our underwriting team is evaluating opportunities constantly to help find the right opportunity for strong cash flow and equity gain upon a capital event. The blind pool structure allows us to raise funds in advance of purchase (“all-cash offer”) to gain a competitive advantage. This allows YCP to acquire off-market deals for quick sale from motivated sellers, institutional sales, and opportunistic sellers that desire a surety of close at often reduced prices.

Potential Benefits

Passive Income

Positive cash from rental income will be distributed to investors quarterly and in one lump sum payout at disposition and/or refinancing


Multifamily Investing through our fund is a business valued primarily by its Net Operating Income (NOI), not property comps like single family homes. By implementing operational efficiencies, physical improvements, and value add initiatives the fund will increase the value of the property by increasing NOI.


Investing into commercial real estate, especially Multifamily real estate has shown reduced risk and strong reliable returns when included in a diversified portfolio of investments.

Tax Advantages

The tax strategy of the fund will ensure use of all available tax structuring. This will allow the opportunity for income tax deferral and a long term tax reduction for the fund.

Economic Resiliency

Multifamily investing into Class B properties has shown to be recession resilient compared to other commercial asset classes. YCP’s focus on markets in the path of progress with strong growth indicators offers less risk and better long term outlook.


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